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Welcome to The Better Binder

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Welcome to The Better Binder

The Better Binder is an ergonomically devised, noninvasive treatment modality, designed to enhance the quality of life for physiologically or surgically induced weakness of abdominal muscles. This product was created by Bill Dye, a health executive, who had a nick in the large intestine post a routine bi-lateral hernia surgery. Later the surgical defect was diagnosed and was repaired. Subsequently, for the next seven years, Bill tried a number of abdominal binders available in the market to restore his daily activities. To his dismay the products were either uncomfortable, ineffective or short lived. Therefore, the necessity of a postoperative patient trying to restore his active lifestyle became the soul premises of the invention of the Better Binder. Made out of a superior quality breathable Neoprene, which sheds off perspiration and water, this binder ensures great adaptability, flexibility and biocompatibility. Not only does this product promise durability, it also satiates esthetics as it is available in an attractive design. The soft, flexible material narrows at the waist for comfort and freedom of movement. It is easy-to-operate and the quick-release straps ensure a hassle-free fit. This medical-grade compression active wear is strongly indicated for abdominal/thoracic hernia sufferers, post abdominal/thoracic surgery attributed for any reason (i.e.-C-section, intestinal surgery), patients suffering from lower back issues, obesity, degenerative spine disorders attributed to ageing, preventative in cases of heavy lifting, manually strenuous job or activity, pregnant and postpartum women. In these conditions the binder supports the week upper and lower abdominal muscles. The support provided avoids undue stress onto the week muscles, therefore minimizing their number and period of contractions that utilizes energy and leads to easy muscle fatigue and wear.

In cases of injury and post-surgery, the better binder provides compression to the area which improves the blood circulation and oxygen to the affected area, therefore, reducing swelling by washing away the inflammatory products and inducing accelerated healing. In cases of pregnancy or postpartum this shape adaptive device comfortably supports the pregnancy belly and back, fastening carefully from top to bottom, in order to stabilize the excessive joint movement at the pelvis. It is very helpful in remodeling post-partum and lymphedema belly. It can be worn at all times over or underclothing without its edges causing itching, abrasions or infections.

The Better Binder envisages itself as a companion for the army veterans, who in their quest of performing their duties undergo early degenerative arthritis of the spine as compared to their civilian counterparts .Many soldiers succumb to post traumatic arthritis of the back as a result of injuries during a combat that effects their daily activities for the rest of their lives. The Better Binder by virtue of its qualities could restore the normal functioning of these army personals, keeping them active and fit.

This non-medicated device assists in daily living and activities like gardening, sport activities like horse riding, bicycle riding and strenuous exercises in compromised patients. Though, this product aids in many activities, it is strongly contraindicated for weightlifting in patients with back problems. The Better Binder is easily manageable as it can be hand or machine washed. The binder used for workouts is recommended to be cleaned after every workout, while the one used as a routine wear need to be cleaned once in a week. This kink-free and slip resistant wear promises a great longevity with a change of six per year for daily wearers and two per year for part time wearers. Scientifically built, with utmost dexterity, this product costs $57-59 (+ $7 shipping).

The Better Binder truly aims at Stay active……..Live and works to achieve it for all its users.