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Frequently Asked Questions

2Can I wear the binder all day?
Yes, The comfortable fit of the Better Binder allows for full-time wear. The cloth interlining is soothing against your skin, the outer lining allows for placement of the stays and closure anywhere on the binder, and all three layers of the binder material wick (sheds) perspiration (and water).
3Is there any lycra in the binder?
No. The elastic border around the edges of the Better Binder is made with a non-lycra elastic.
4Can the binder help with hernia prevention?
Yes! The Better Binder can be worn to help prevent hernias, to help prevent further damage to hernia sufferers, and to provide additional support for anyone who has had abdominal or thoracic surgery. A member of our Beta test group had a C-Section years ago and enjoys wearing the Better Binder for the additional support provided.
5Can the binder be machine washed?
Yes. Although we recommend hand washing the Better Binder can be machine washed by first removing the adjustable stays and adjustable closure. We still recommend “hang to dry”, since it dries quickly.
6Does the binder remove risk of injury?
No, not entirely. The Better Binder reduces the chances of further injury to existing hernias and reduces the chances of new hernia injury, but no product can completely remove the risk of further injury.
7Will insurance cover cost of binder?
Perhaps. If your physician writes a prescription, your insurance may reimburse you for all or part of the cost of an abdominal binder (this varies by insurance coverage), once you submit an insurance claim.
8Will we produce additional products?
Yes. We have plans to add other lifestyle enhancing products in the future.


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